Sound of The Crystallight &


Atlantean Seed Crystals





"A crystal is a Living, elemental energy.


The heart centred Atlanteans had a sense of oneness with all things, so they were able to connect their frequency with that of the crystal's elemental energy and ask it to light up. Because of the love connection, as well as the mental attunement,the crystals responded...



The Heart was the Power and the Mind was the Switch...


We are now told that it is possible for some people to do this again..."**



The Sound of the Crystal's Light is the vibration of pure Divine Love - unconditional and all-pervasive. May we be blessed with Grace on our path to embody and anchor this Here on Earth once again... 




My friend, 

they will return again

All over the Earth,

They will return again.

Ancient teachings of the Earth. Ancient Songs of the Earth,

They are returning again, my friend,

They are returning, I give them to you,

and through them, you will understand, you will see,

They are returning upon the Earth.

~ Crazy horse, Sioux Chief, 1860.